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Survival Guide

" The code is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Black Pearl!"

Ah yes... I regret to say we have rules. But don't worry. They shouldn't be too bad. Maybe just some light reading. Thats all.

Welcome to Perish Song!

Canonlist Openings by LightTogekiss Feb 20, 2014 19:53:19 GMT -6

All Hail The King

"One day, our paths will lead us there and the tower guard will take up the call: The Lords of Gondor have returned."

Ohkay, in this area we [the staff] will post up announcements for the site plots/rules/changes/and updates. You are free and welcome to comment on any of the announcements.

Also, there may be times where the rulers of the different kingdoms will announce events like balls and festivals.

Perish Store by Ginger Mar 10, 2014 18:29:54 GMT -6


"Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world! She took the midnight train going anywhere."

So yeah, if you are totally new here come and give us a shout out about who you are and what you like to do. Please don't give us any real life information though. That got out of hand on one site and the whole thing became a mess. But we would like to get to know you a little bit.

Also, if you are leaving somewhere for awhile or just can't get on in general, please let us know here so that we don't think you just disappeared on us. Its hard to keep major plots going if people just disappear. We understand if you are busy, but please just let us know so that we can take action or something.

Thanks guys! Love you!

Hi I am Ginger, I like to... by LightTogekiss Apr 10, 2014 20:45:55 GMT -6


You can talk about anything here.

Chat Log by Ginger May 21, 2015 20:57:05 GMT -6

Shout Out Loud

"You're only as tall as your heart will let you be, And you're only as small as the world will make you seem. When the going gets rough and you feel like you may fall, Just look on the brightside - you're roughly six feet tall."

Have something to say about the site or a question you need to ask, please raise your hand and someone will get to you as soon as possible. Please also be patient and don't pressure us. We will get to you as soon as we are able.

2Staff!Site in which you can find original pokemon creatures by Ginger Jan 26, 2014 19:03:59 GMT -6

Truly an Ending

All old bios, rp threads, character relation plots, and etc will go here. Any announcements or any thread with specific Archive location, will not at all go here.

B-NEKO'S CARAVAN! by Justice Mar 3, 2014 16:29:00 GMT -6

A New Ending

The Origins

the character application is found here. drop by to fill it out- a staff will accept it as soon as possible, and you can be on your way to roleplaying!

Kaori Henkayiai by LightTogekiss Apr 5, 2014 20:29:16 GMT -6

The People

this is where all accepted character applications are kept! they're organized by kingdom, then gender, so everything is kept nice and tidy.

Sherlock "Hatter" Holmes by Ginger Mar 4, 2014 17:40:27 GMT -6

The Census

"Tonight, we'll hear the story of Crispy Bear. A long time ago, this little bear was alive. She was alive, because she listened to her father, so she was happy. But Crispy had one terrible problem, she was filled with...curiosity! Yes! And one day, she saw something new and died!"

here is where you got all your sign up type deals. face claim, canon list, group and team sign ups, and other things like this are all located here. you can also find the official who's who.

Face Claim by Fenrir Mar 7, 2014 16:58:34 GMT -6

User Graphic Shops

Money here is from money off the site, it is up to the users whether or not that their graphics have sell prices.

The Tea Sanctuary | Pick up by Justice Feb 17, 2014 22:27:39 GMT -6

Character Relationships

Looking for character family members? Friends? Girlfriends? Nemesis? More? Well make a thread here and maybe someone will post saying they want to be just that.

Aslan's Queen by Aslan Dec 19, 2013 3:58:18 GMT -6

Character Journals

This is where all character information is stored, please if you make one keep it updated do not confuse there users.

LightTogekiss' Tracker by Justice Nov 25, 2013 16:04:55 GMT -6


Olivae Kingdom

A medium sized wine making kingdom with one desert province. If you would like to know more about this kingdom, please click here.

It's Elementary [Sherlock] by Dr. Connor Watson Mar 2, 2014 0:20:20 GMT -6

Pokemon Lab

A Pokemon Lab sitting on the Crystal-Olivaean boarder.

Studying the Bubble.. [open] by Abigail Bertrand Jan 23, 2014 0:35:05 GMT -6

Three Corners Cafe

A restaurant that has the good fortune of being on the meeting point of the boarders for Olivae, Crystal, and Diamond. A huge amount of trade passes through the crossroads, and therefore through the restaurant.

Slow Days, Fast Friends by Fertility Mew Feb 15, 2014 18:35:49 GMT -6

Diamond Empire

A very large cold tundra Kingdom with a current unknown providence. If you would like to know more about this kingdom, please click here.

The Red Thief by Kaori Apr 6, 2014 22:39:40 GMT -6

Somniis Kingdom

A small island kingdom, with one unknown providence. If you would like to know more about this kingdom, please click here.

A Family Meeting[Latias, Latios, Lugia, Ho oh, and Reshiram] by Lugia Mar 5, 2014 23:23:07 GMT -6

Oblivion Kingdom

For more information, you will have to wait.

It was a Dark and Stormy-- [open] by Oliver Payne Jan 25, 2014 0:49:24 GMT -6


Any other world that is not part of Perish Song world of Kingdoms and medieval Era.

The Reaper's Game~The UG by maine Feb 17, 2014 15:38:13 GMT -6



Watch me! - Original RP by Ginger Dec 7, 2013 10:35:37 GMT -6

First Link

We have yet to invade your site.

Digimon Source Code by Bunny May 17, 2014 13:21:59 GMT -6

Link Back

We have invaded your site already.

Accepted Adverts 2013

This is where all Accepted adverts would be moved to.

Naruto: Duality by TheBawsZaizen Apr 1, 2014 19:18:16 GMT -6