Somniis Island

This is the main island area which is surrounded by two other smaller islands with several different purposes. This is where the main town is. The shops and the main square are located here. Around the inner town is most of the dwellings where people live. There is also a small park here where people can relax and bring their children to play at. Most of the island is filled with unknown territory that is feared by most of the town. No one goes into it because of Ghosts and Beasts that parol around at night.

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Decoris Island

A small Island in the north where the Cresselia Temple and gathering place of the Maidens are located. The Maidens live here and discuss here. People can come to worship their goddess Cresselia here. And sacrifices are made here at the Sacrificial Arch. Men who have been found out to follow Darkrai and Maidens who have disobeyed the Maiden tradition.

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Triviis Island

This little island is the Island of the crossroads. Annual festivals and parties are held here. Its also a great hang out place for those who just want to relax on the beach and play in the water. But it is also where the Maidens will gather to make announcements to the people and there have been many a battle here in the past between the men and the women of the island. But no one can seem to remember the details and no one knows why. This is also the island that people will end up being ship wrecked on and found on the beach.

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Somniis Kingdom

T. Entrees and Rounds
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Valentine Tournament of Love and Slaughter
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